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Only ONE: Healing Through Oneness (Vlog)


“Health is the best gift, contentment the best wealth, trust the best kinsman, nirvana the greatest joy.” The Buddha

My cancer journey has awakened me into a new Reality. I no longer feel disconnected from the rest of the world. I am the world! And the world is inside of me! We are all inter-connected. I am a vast body, and as Samkhya philosophy expounds, which is the basis of Vedantic philosophy, each human being is a Microcosm, and part of a vast universal Macrocosm. The Universe is not only outside of us, it is also inside us! The Buddha means ‘the awakened one.’ I’ve always wanted to attain Nirvana or enlightenment, that ultimate state of self-realized or awakened existence. Just like the great Gautama The Buddha himself. The basis of his teaching and message – oneness, compassion, and our microcosmic bodies encompassing the Universe, are rooted in Samkhya philosophy. It is also part of Paramahansa Yogananda’s, my Guru’s teachings. In fact the whole science of Yoga and Self-Realization is based on these teachings.


Now I can finally say, that I understand what that means. You see, I am gradually awakening. That is why from the beginning of my diagnosis I saw this as the opportunity of a lifetime – the greatest gift – only if I were up to the challenge of course. And I was! I immediately recognized the opportunity for growth and transformation! This video/vlog is my story;  and my journey in re-connecting to Life. It is the beginning of my awakening. When you face your greatest fears head on, the light comes on.

If you feel inspired to share my story and this video, I invite you to visit my GoFundMe page: ‘Urgent Help Needed 4 Claudia Ghetu’ (link below), where this video is also posted as my latest health Update. You will see other posts which may inspire you, and read how it is possible to overcome the worst possible obstacles, including fear and misdiagnosis – something I experienced and share in my posts. If it weren’t for the support of hundreds of remarkable people, I many not be alive today, and making extraordinary progress, as my Updates on GoFundMe will document. Regular chemotherapy would have sent me straight into a coma, as I was later told by my current amazing integrative oncologist; which is why I refused traditional treatment. They gave me only a 2% chance to live, and less than 6 months life span with chemo – in short a false death sentence, which no one should accept or have to endure. Yet, I am beating unbeatable pancreatic cancer! Thanks to all of you who have contributed, I can continue to do my work in the world, and assist others in accessing emotional and physical healing tools, while guiding them towards proper integrative medical care, which almost always guarantees the highest recovery rate, even from terminal illnesses! To learn more about my diagnosis this past June and my approach to embracing – not fighting- terminal cancer I invite you to read my story ‘How Cancer is Healing Me.’

40239048_10155522553065925_3754219359971573760_n“Once awakened she came to be known as Tara, the Liberator…” What fears or self-doubts are preventing you from stepping into your highest consciousness, and becoming your own Liberator- NOW? It is only through our sheer will power that we can defy duality. If old patterns of thought and actions are not serving your own evolution, use Goddess Tara as an example of how she vowed to become awakened defying all limitations. I am Tara. You are Tara. Male or female doesn’t exist. That’s duality. The Supreme Spirit is ONE; male and female. We are one with the Supreme Spirit, God, Brahman, or Universal Intelligence. We just have to WAKE UP and realize that. Liberation begins with wanting to wake up into a higher self-awareness, seeing reality as it is, not mind manufactured fiction – and shifting our perception.

We were born ONLY TO SUCCEED! To think otherwise, is to deny our own true identity and birthright. May God Bless Us ALL to attain self-realization.

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Celebrating Christ Consciousness

Who is Jesus? Would it be more accurate to refer to him as Cosmic Christ or Christ Consciousness, rather than Jesus Christ? After all, Jesus does not embody nor represent only Christianity or the Catholic church. He is a multi-faith world revered prophet, much like The Buddha himself.

Many spiritual sages like Paramahansa Yogananda, one of the greatest Indian yogi emissary to the West, believes that the honorific title of “Jesus the Christ,” is prophetically more accurate as it denotes God’s universal intelligence immanent in creation. This universal intelligence is sometimes referred to as the Infinite Christ or Cosmic Christ, and it is used in reference to other ‘ascended masters’ who have attained oneness with that divine consciousness. Why is it that he is celebrated and invoked worldwide as an ‘Ascended Master’ and a being of Higher Divine Consciousness, but is not traditionally seen as such by those who worship him according to traditional Christian dogma?

If we are to be completely unbiased and put our religious beliefs and differences aside, it is impossible to put an accurate date on Jesus’ birthday. Yet there is no better day than December 25th, that we can rejoice, give thanks, and celebrate the birth of one of the most important men, prophets, or sages that have ever lived. Like Buddha, Krishna, Abraham, Moses, and other enlightened human beings, Jesus was without doubt one of the many ‘sons of God’ that lived and taught on this planet, and had an open channel of communication with his Divine Source, or Divine Consciousness. The Hindus call this omnipresent divine source Brahman, or the Supreme Being, the Christians call it God The Father. The Yoga Sutras were devised to give one the tools to tap into his higher consciousness and become one with Brahman; just like the Torah and Biblical scriptures are a source of sacred knowledge if studied and interpreted accurately and on a more esoteric level. So, we always have at our disposal the tools and knowledge imparted to us by the great masters to connect to our source. We always have the free will to seek out the truth, to pursue better paths, to be more giving and to live from a place of love rather than a place of fear.

Whatever it is called, this divine spark is inherent in all of us from the moment of our birth, and if acknowledged and invoked, allows us direct communication with our divine source, enabling us all to become Christ-like and Buddha-like. As a matter of fact those who study the Dharma and cultivate Buddhist dogma become Bodhisattvas or Spiritual Warriors, and ultimately they become Buddhas. There is a whole hierarchy of enlightened Buddhas sitting next the lotus throne of Buddha Shakyamuni.  Buddhism does not discriminate on who can or cannot become a Buddha. Unfortunately, indoctrinated religions tell us that we are sinful creatures and inferior to our maker and our divine source – and that is why we suffer and must repent.  Yet, if we can be open-minded enough to admit that it is impossible to know Jesus’ exact birth date, I think we are enlightened enough to realize that we are all intrinsically ‘Christs.’ We are all the sons/daughters of God, just like He was. We are all seeds of this infinite universal source of higher and divine consciousness, no matter what we choose to call it. Let’s call it Christ Consciousness, that which Yogananda himself called a ‘projected consciousness of God immanent in all creation.”

On that note, Merry Christ Consciousness.