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Dying To Live In Mexico

mexico-flagThey are pouring in daily by the hundreds, maybe thousands. People crossing the border into Mexico, leaving their homes and families behind to fight for their right to stay alive. They are not the migrant workers from Honduras or Nicaragua. This is what you’ll see on the news. They are the people who have been forsaken in their own country by their own government and medical system right here in the United States. Sick people and cancer patients who were sent home to die given only days to live cross the border in wheelchairs, by foot, and in cars packed with family members who have sold their homes and all their possessions so their loved one can have a chance to survive.  No one talks about the mass genocide happening inside our own country and the silent war raging behind these walls. Except those of us who have defied the odds and refused to die or be killed in hospitals by doctors who don’t know what they are doing and are trained to prescribe lethal treatments.

I am one of those people, living behind The Wall in a country that has given me the opportunity to live, rather than accept a false life sentence on the other side, with no hope or chance for survival. I was diagnosed in June of 2018 with stage 4 pancreatic cancer, living a normal healthy life up until that dreadful day when suddenly my life changed in a matter of hours during an emergency room visit. I was hospitalized immediately, biopsied and tested for everything you can imagine for two weeks. Yet the doctors could not determine my primary, or the source or type of cancer that had spread to my liver and lymph nodes, and pushed out a tumor the size of a lime in the left side of my neck. Teams of doctors ran their own tests honoring their medical specializations, yet none of them looked at the overall crisis in my body and put the obvious together. They were like disorganized toddlers who could hardly communicate with each other, trying to organize a game – in this case a prognosis – well beyond their capacity or level of limited knowledge. Each doctor specialized in an organ. Each doctor didn’t understand how the organs function together, let alone how the human body operates from a holistic perspective. They kept saying they needed more tests, and then when they exhausted all the useless bureaucratic protocols which they had to abide by according to health insurance regulations, they told me I needed to leave the hospital and get an MRI somewhere else. when-a-man-is-denied-the-right-to-live-the-life-he-believes-in-he-has-no-choice-but-to-bec-1What hospital in the 21st century with the most powerful nuclear weapons and space program lacks an MRI machine? Another week went by, at another hospital where I registered myself as an emergency room patient only so that they would take me right away, given I was told I didn’t have much time to waste. Here they finally ran an MRI within a few days and finally diagnosed me. Months later I found out that in Mexico you can schedule an MRI or PET Scan immediately without any referrals, these being the only precise diagnostic tools you need to immediately detect cancer. Why did they waste my time in the hospital, when they could have ordered a PET Scan right away? They will do that in the clinics and hospitals in the US, because they want to make money on all the useless machines that radiate you for no reason and offer unreliable results, because the latter two tests are too expensive, even though you spend a great portion of your life’s earnings on health insurance. And by the way, a PET Scan in Mexico runs approximately $1200, a Cat Scan costs only $300, and an X-ray $about $50. And they emit 50%-70% less radiation! You see, they have no reason to want to further disable you here, so you can turn into a cash cow and milk you all the way to your death bed.

Back to June, once the MRI revealed my diagnosis, I was told I had to make arrangements to receive chemotherapy right away, because time was of the essence. I was given a few months at the most. Yet they still had the audacity to still prescribe their ‘one trick pony’ deadly treatment, even though it is considered a guaranteed dead end. I didn’t blink. I knew no one could predict another person’s lifespan, especially mine, let alone these robotic and uneducated corporate doctors. According to them, I needed to find an oncologist  right away to prescribe me chemotherapy and radiation so that I could put some money in their pockets before dying. Nothing else was discussed. No alternative solutions. Nothing beyond “good luck to you.” There is no luck involved in a diagnosis where the conventional treatment offers only a 2% chance to live. I knew right away what I had to do. I ran out of the hospital as if I had escaped from a prison camp. I recalled how for two years in a row before June, I made at least four emergency room visits, complaining of major pain in my left thoracic area and of digestive issues. Yet, they never diagnosed me despite useless blood tests, X-rays and EKG tests. They sent me home with a Tylenol, and said to call my primary doctor. What does that say about our medical system? They don’t know what they’re doing. My mother went undiagnosed of gallbladder disease, which is one of the most common ailments and surgeries in the US, after eight emergency room visits.  And, like millions of people with health insurance, she still continues to put her faith in these doctors despite all the misdiagnosis and inadequate treatments which probably kill more people yearly than any other disease!

jkl6unli3k6lvzf0nfm14ppeezlI left the hospital vowing to never set foot in a conventional hospital again, and started inquiring immediately about alternative and holistic treatment centers. I refused to have my body radiated and my immune system destroyed, only to see the reflection of a hairless half-dead person staring back at me. I put my faith in God and in my own higher intelligence and intuition, and pulled the plug on the doctors. I never read statistics, I never inquired about traditional methods, or government endorsed cancer centers. These are places where they send people to die. There is mass genocide happening right under our noses, millions of American lives lost on treatments that are FDA approved but that do not work, and are known not to work. Yet, outside our pharmaceutically funded medical system, there are doctors who work anonymously to save lives, thousands upon thousands of lives which can be saved without the shadow of a doubt. There are underground clinics that save the lives of the people who were told in hospital that they will die, sent home to make funeral arrangements or check themselves into hospices. Yet those who refuse that fate, come here to Mexico, and make miracle recoveries. I’ve seen them with my own eyes! It makes me think of the Underground Railway movement. The Underground Railroad was a network of secret routes and safe houses established in the US during the early to mid-19th century, used by African-American slaves to escape into free states with the aid of abolitionists and allies who were sympathetic to their cause. Such small inconspicuous clinics exist in the US, and refer patients to Mexico through their own network system. I myself am at one of these clinics right across the border in Mexico, where people who are told death is certain come and tell others to come.

Here, I meet people daily from around the globe, who come to what has become the number one destination for successful alternative medical treatment in the world. It’s the country that our president insisted we spend our tax money to build a wall to defend against, when in fact this is the country saving the lives of Americans forsaken by their own government and medical system. In Mexico advanced metabolic and immunotherapies, including vaccines, and stem cell treatments are used that save lives – the lives of people who where told to check themselves into hospices because nothing else could be done back home for them. I met a single mother from Florida last week, who came back for her second round of treatment at the clinic where I am also a patient. She had originally come seven months prior, after she was told to make hospice arrangements because her stage 4 metastasized breast cancer had spread everywhere. This after undergoing double mastectomy four years ago, and being told she was cured of cancer after the surgery. The doctors refused to run follow up tests on her after that, and told her she was fine. They did not even tell her what strand of cancer she had; some being more deadly than others. She came to Mexico barely able to stand and coughing incessantly held up by her loving brother back in May of this year. I never saw her in that state. I met her only this November, a radiant, healthy looking and positive woman who looked more alive and youthful than anyone half her age. Her funeral would have otherwise been in June, and she would have left behind a beautiful 10-year old daughter. 

IMG_3200In a room filled with people from all walks of life sitting on Lazyboy chairs getting immune and metabolic boosting IV’s for hours on a daily basis, this is where I met this amazing woman who instantly became my friend. She told me her whole story of how she came to find out about this clinic on the brink of death, having been miraculously introduced to our doctor here by Suzanne Summers, a friend of her employer. I found out she arrived with 50 tumors on her lungs, and cancer in her bones and liver back in May.  After being treated for 8 consecutive weeks, she went back home to Florida with a suitcase filled with vaccines, IV’s and other naturopathic medicines which she continued to administer to herself for the next three months. She showed me her permanently bruised veins from all the vaccines, and shared that she would do anything to save her life so she can be there for her ten year-old daughter. Everyday back home she would get up to put her daughter on the school bus and then return home, where for the next five hours she would hook herself up to IV’s and inject herself twice a day in the belly with an immunity vaccine, so that by the time her  daughter would be home from school she would be all done. Her child was never exposed to any of the at-home-treatments, never saw her mom injecting herself or getting IV’s. If she had listened to the hospital doctors back in May she wouldn’t have gotten the news that she shared with me 6 months later: there was no more cancer activity in her bones and liver, and there were only 5 small tumors remaining in her lungs! Our hero, our life saving doctor had managed to rescue her from a death sentence that was completely avoidable. In fact she would have committed involuntary suicide, like millions who are told to go home and die because nothing else can be done for them. 

Live-LifeWhy are people told they will die, that there’s no hope, or have no chance of survival? Why doesn’t anyone explain there are other options? Why do the doctors keep this information from fellow human beings who have the right to live, just as they do? Witholding information is lying. And why aren’t the doctors educated on alternative life saving protocols which have been available in Europe, Mexico and other parts of the world that reverse or cure cancer for many decades? Don’t they take a vow to save lives? There is a silent war going on you see, of people fighting for their lives everyday, the sickly, the unwanted humans that are dismissed and forgotten. Children given death sentences and being treated with 100% full dose chemotherapy and radiation which kills them from the inside out. Some miraculously survive. Most die from the treatments. And those random few that go into remission, discover that the dreaded cancer returns after all the sacrifices they made, after allowing their bodies, minds, and souls to be destroyed. So many people that come here to Mexico are people whose cancer has come back. This is something they don’t tell you if you’re lucky to be informed you are in remission. You see it’s only a matter of time, without ongoing immune supporting treatments, that a body whose immune system was destroyed by radiation will succumb to the cancer cells which temporarily remain dormant in the system. I’m tired of hearing in the media “she lost her battle to cancer…” No! She didn’t. She was made to lose her battle. She was never given choices. She could have met the right people at the right time, and she could have been saved. I spoke to a young mother who came from Kansas last week with her mother and son. They sold their farm so that can pay for treatments. Mostly everyone in their family has cancer. She told me her sister died six years ago at the age of 30 because the doctors didn’t know how to treat her. When she and her mother were also diagnosed later, they knew they had to leave the country to save their own lives. Years later they live, but still grieve for the fallen sister and daughter, who could have been saved just as they have been.

There are effective, and humane ways to fight cancer and win! Most of the time there is a cure, especially in the early stages, despite the false prognosis you will hear from those people in white coats who hand out death sentences and then go home and eat dinner with their families, after devastating the lives of others. It’s called IMMUNOTHERAPY versus chemotherapy! You don’t have to believe me. Start reading, start researching! You will find the unsung heroes out there, thousands of humanitarian doctors who left the corruption behind, disgusted by what they saw, disgusted with a medical system supporting a trillion dollar a year global pharmaceutical industry. The global pharmaceutical market was estimated at USD 1.1 trillion two years ago. The market for oncology medication is booming, propelling the overall pharmaceutical industry growth. The oncology drug market is estimated to be almost USD 94 billion. CANCER IS A BUSINESS NOT A DISEASE. Did you know that any time a doctor writes up a new prescription for chemotherapy they make $4000-$6000? An eight week course of chemotherapy can cost up to $30,000 depending on the cancer and the medicine used. The revenue fueling our global economy is warfare and the drug industry. We are the most powerful country in the world because we let our people die. We recruit our own countrymen in two types of wars: on foreign battle fields or inside hospitals, where we sacrifice their lives for the sake of our economy. Who is responsible for this? I am not accusing anyone. You can draw your own conclusions. Live-By-Quotes-and-Sayings-Wise-Quotes-and-Sayings-about-Life-to-Live-By-Words-of-Life-Believe-only-in-what-agrees-with-you-reason-and-your-own-common-senseHitler and Stalin sacrificed their own army and people for their country. They believed it was their duty to die, to suffer, to let their blood be spilled for the sake of a monstrous national ideology that only served and still serve those in power. I look at the ads on TV, showing the bald children of Saint Jude’s hospital, and see the countless drug commercials endorsed by the pharmaceutical companies. How can people believe such lies? Is it because they believe that if they have health insurance their lives are in safe hands? YOUR HEALTH INSURANCE CARD IS YOUR DEATH INSURANCE! It’s like the lies that millions of innocent people were told before being sent to the gas chambers in WWII. They were told they were sent to shower and disinfect before being given living  quarters. Instead they were sent to their deaths. That’s what’s going on in the hospitals. Come here to Mexico for a few days and speak to those survivors. The world needs to wake up to what’s real and what’s not. We have to stop putting our trust in the people and powers that deprive us of our basic human rights. We have to stop taking the drugs with the bad side effects. We have to stop taking the flu vaccines. WE HAVE TO STOP BEING AFRAID OF ILLNESS, AND BECOME PROACTIVE ABOUT STAYING ALIVE! We have to turn off the TV and stop the brainwashing. We have to stop outsourcing our health to uneducated doctors who choose a profession which guarantees them a prestigious title and a life of luxury. Did you know that integrative and alternative doctors often have to hide so they are not targeted for actually saving lives? They’re lives are often in danger. They are on the battlefields too, fighting for lives, sacrificing themselves for a cause and for a purpose higher than what money can buy.

o-GRATITUDE-facebookAsk yourself what’s holding you back from really seeing the reality in front of you? When and how might you have become indoctrinated to believe that what you are told is true, by people you don’t know and should be weary to trust? Blind faith is the difference between staying alive or dying. Have faith in yourself. Question everything! Empower yourself. And for the love of God,  learn to love yourself. Only then will you be ready to take on the fight for your life, and win. And whether you believe it or not, “God helps those who help themselves.”

Please share this article! Even if you don’t have cancer or suffer from a chronic illness, you most likely know someone who does, or who will become afflicted. I never thought I’d be in a position to save lives, even while fighting for mine. Guess what? You are too! You can save a life today by sharing this article! Each one of us can make a difference. Let’s make this go VIRAL!!!

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From behind The Wall, 


In Life and Death: In Memory of Annelise, The Angel Who Saved My Life (1970-2018)

IMG_1210I found out a few days ago that the woman I called my Healing Angel, passed away here in Mexico, just a few minutes away from where I live now and continue to receive treatment. Annelise saved me from the hands of death in June, when I didn’t know where to go to save my life, except far from any American hospital where my death would have been certain within a month or two. Just two days out of the hospital where I got my diagnosis in Los Angeles, I prayed that God provide me with an immediate alternative solution, refusing to undergo standardized chemotherapy, which I have been told by doctors here would have killed me within a short time. The next day I checked my email, and was forwarded through the friend of a friend Annelise’s contact information, who happened to live only 5 minutes away from me. I knew that had to be a sign. I felt such a surge of energy, something I cannot explain, knowing that somehow my prayer had been granted. Minutes later, I heard the most loving voice on the other end of my phone, and I immediately felt like I was talking to a friend from a long long time ago. 

She was so loving, so real, so happy to talk to me, a mere stranger who randomly called her to ask for help. I tried not to choke up and keep my voice calm, although my heart was throbbing with an indescribable panic, feeling like with every moment I was running out of time – a countdown to an early death sentence.  I shared that I had just been handed a terminal pancreatic cancer diagnosis, and before I could say another word she stopped me. I will never forget what she said. “Don’t be afraid my dear, cancer is not here to kill you, it’s here to heal you! You are not going to die from this, you are going to heal!” She shared with me how she cured herself of stage 4 breast cancer using alternative treatments, never setting foot in a conventional hospital. Then went on to share that unfortunately the cancer had metastasized to her liver, and found herself in a life and death situation suddenly over night. I listened and waited for her to tell me how she was still here and thriving, with a pen in my hand ready to scribble any information she might give me. And then finally she told me how she got herself to this clinic in Mexico just in the nick of time, with her liver so swollen that she looked nine months pregnant. She spent the most excruciating week fighting for her life last November, receiving integrative alternative treatment that saved her life, and made her go into remission shortly thereafter. And then out of the blue she asked me, ”I am going down to the clinic where they saved my life in Mexico tomorrow for a check up, do you want to take the train down with me?” Without even thinking, I said “Yes!!! I am packing now. I am coming to Mexico with you tomorrow!” And that is how our friendship began! I will never forget her beaming face with the most radiant, colossal smile. She carried my bags for me on the train, all five of them, even though her back hurt. I was too weak with a large tumor sticking out of my neck. She was my heroine! She made sure to arrange everything for me; called and set up that I would receive treatment right away, and within two days I was receiving crucial IV’s and had a program set in place for the next eight weeks. 

Last time I saw her was six weeks ago. Her beautiful radiant smile was gone for some unknown reason. Her face had changed. It was more serious. Unbeknownst to me or her perhaps at the time, the cancer had unexpectedly found her way into her bones. It had been festering there for a long time undetected. She never complained or said much about how she felt. She was a trooper. I invited her to come to visit me so I could make us dinner. She gently smiled and said maybe. That was the last time I spoke to her and saw her. I heard she fell and fractured her spine and went into excruciating pain less than two weeks ago.  I knew nothing of this at the time. I myself was dealing with major bone pain and getting treated at another clinic. I could never have imagined a week later she would no longer be alive. She was the star at the clinic where she initially brought me. The golden child who got healed and went on to help others. All the nurses were shocked and crying, and the owner of the clinic who had become her friend was inconsolable 

Annelise saved my life, but brought me close the brink of death with her own passing. She was my role model. I planned to be like her: miraculously healed. And now dealing with her sudden passing, I am so much closer to staring death in the face, and reflecting on my own mortality. You see, I could have been her! Eight weeks ago when the cancer went into my spine I was suddenly immobilized and crippled with pain. Had I not received the urgent and precise treatment for my bones when I did, who knows what would have happened. I came close to the abyss myself, yet somehow through my faith and through the help and kindness of people supporting me on this journey I have been able to elude the unthinkable. Everyday counts like you wouldn’t believe. I realize how unimportant the big goals I once had now seem. All I want to do is just be able to go for a walk, or sit on a bench and watch children play in the park. All I want to do is just sit and breathe. Each breath is cherished, each moment poignant beyond belief. The simplicity of life is magnanimous. I have heard of the fires back home in Los Angeles. I have seen people cry for their homes. But you see, nothing that’s built of stone or wood matters. These people are alive. I hope they realize how blessed they are.

I hope you all realize the fullness of your life now. The fullness of the simple moments that matter the most. Before you ever get to experience the fragility of your own being you must awaken to this reality: nothing else matters except the act of being alive. The overlooked gift of simply being alive and healthy is the greatest high. It’s ecstatic just waking up to see another day. Trust me. Nothing else is as precious as this. 

If you would like to make a tremendous difference and contribute toward my continued and extensive treatment, including newly scheduled biological dental work to remove dangerous heavy metals from my root canals and old mercury fillings which are suppressing my immune system, please kindly donate to my GoFundMe here. And share this story with others who have inspired you with their friendship – and maybe even saved your life! You will be giving me the GIFT OF LIFE. And in turn, I, like Annelise, will continue to guide others to receive the treatments that I know are saving me, so I can hopefully save other families from experiencing the loss of a loved one. 

I am paying it forward, my dear Annelise. May you continue to guide others from above. You will always be remembered as the Angel who saved my life. 


Healing Beyond Physical Limitations: Transcending Fear and Suffering (PartI)

IMG_0784I always considered myself a fearless person. I have been told I am. I could live in a remote forest or area all alone. I go on silent retreats, and love the inner journey of solitude and contemplation. I never feel lonely or scared. When I first got diagnosed this past June with what is considered probably the most severe terminal illness, I remained fear-less. I even scrutinized myself to see if I would begin to falter in my fearlessness. But I didn’t waver. First of all I don’t fear death. And second, I don’t fear a diagnosis given to me by people who choose, yes, choose, to live ensconced in the consciousness of a limiting and vastly unconscious material world. When a someone with little understanding of the all encompassing mind-body-spirit energy realm of pure consciousness, which imbues everything allowing for infinite possibilities to manifest (if we put our will behind it), tells me that I am limited by time and illness – I absolutely don’t believe it. If you don’t believe in something, you have no fear of it! Right? One of my favorite definitive quotes by Paramahansa Yogananda, my spiritual teacher is,  “Everytime you feel limitation, close your eyes and say, ‘I am the infinite.’”

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Everything is stored in the body! Remember this. Fear, sadness, trauma, betrayal, low-self esteem, rejection – they all need to have a vehicle or container. Nothing remains suspended in the ether for too long; even an idea which becomes an emotion (if we allow it) starts out as a thought-form in the energy field of the body. So many books have been written on how one can heal himself of an illness by getting to the root of the emotional dis-ease, which inevitably takes the shape of a tumor or chronic disorder. Most women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer had experienced severe trauma or sadness in intimate relationships. When they work on addressing that emotional pain, and releasing that toxic energy, healing takes place. There are countless people who have experienced spontaneous remissions of deadly diseases by merely going within to do inner work, and then bingo….their disease disappeared. This is what I am doing. Every day. While the doctors put IV’s in my veins, and administer various treatments, I try to stay less on the surface, and be observant of what lies beneath the waves.

SOF_Hebrews-11-1Some have wondered how I could remain composed, and not give into fear. It’s simple: I don’t entertain my mind with anything negative or fearful. That’s one reason I don’t watch TV. I don’t want anything to pollute my consciousness. I don’t think of things I do not want, or are not conducive to my wellbeing. And above all, I try to remain in the present moment, and don’t think of myself as any different than before. As a matter of fact I never once referred to myself as a cancer patient or ever said ‘I have cancer.’ Why would I associate myself with a disease? I am Claudia. I am not going to wear the badge of a victim. I would rather focus on ’the big task and opportunity’ I have been given to now fully succeed in my life! With objectivity, introspection, and emotional detachment each one of us can learn to detach from the concept of fear. The first thing to stop fear in it’s tracks is to remain in the present moment. Not to fantasize about what might or might not happen. Fear is not a thing, remember. It is only some-thing perceived by the mind. It has no shape or form; or real substance. Fear is simply a learned habit. It’s like a poisoned apple handed down from generation to generation. It might as well be called a habit, not an emotion.

Bcp0AxThere is a caveat when it comes to cauterizing fear and accepting change: Faith! You need to put your faith in SOME THING in order to conquer fear. That’s what I did. Most people might put their faith in doctors, but I knew to fully put my faith in God and My Self. To me, having faith in oneself is synonymous with having faith in the higher power which is God, or whatever you choose to call the Supreme Universal Power. I realized a while ago, that not to have faith in myself, meant not to have faith in God. Why? Because as Jesus clearly said it, ‘My Father and I are One’…‘Don’t ye know that ye are Gods?’ I see myself as being ONE with the Divine, that I am certain of. There are times when I get physically low, and have to muster up all the strength I have to remind myself of this magnanimous truth. And standing by this truth, I believe that what’s divine is mine! I have the power to create, to will things into reality, and to manifest on the same level as my Creator. WE ALL DO! The secret ingredient is FAITH.

49814-Edwin-Louis-Cole-Quote-Have-faith-in-God-God-has-faith-in-youFaith is the fuel behind any manifestation! When Jesus healed, he would ask the person receiving the healing, ‘do you believe?’  The person who ‘believed’ healed instantly. Faith is to believe in something before you see it manifested before your eyes. You have to believe it to see it! Faith bypasses mind and logic, it springs from the core of one’s being. To have faith in our own divinity grants us what we ultimately need to succeed! And that means having full fledged faith in ourselves. To succeed in anything you have to believe in your own power to create. I am excited to have the opportunity to show what we can all accomplish by connecting to our own source of power, drawing inexhaustible strength from the source itself!

In her groundbreaking book, Anatomy of the Spirit, medical intuitive and theologian Caroline Myss writes, ‘Habit is a hell to which people cling in an attempt to stop the flow of change.’ Do you realize that most suffering comes from our resistance to change? We are such creatures of habit! Unfortunately, most of them bad. Yet, we spend our lives trying to avoid any changes that might threaten our sense of false security, rather than accept the otherwise unavoidable truth that change is something we cannot control. If you can understand that change is unavoidable, and that change is nothing to fear, you can accept any circumstance in your life with a positive, rather than bleak attitude. I accepted this change in my life with gratitude, despite the grim reality other people might experience. My trial is a change for a better future, and I know that through this change I finally get to manifest my life’s purpose!

self-confidence-2076793_1920Even when I first learned about my diagnosis, I chose to go along with this sudden ‘change;’ not to oppose or deny it! And trust me, a sudden illness foreshadows immediate changes in every aspect of one’s life. So instead of resisting the inevitable, I conserved my energy and intuitively shifted my consciousness to my FAITH in a higher, pre-ordained purpose designed to unfold as a result of all this. I knew – there is a reason for all this! The Divine Creator, God, The Universe doesn’t make mistakes! That I am sure of. We are the ones who make a mess of things! We mess up our lives, our health, and create wars, then blame God for all of it. Part of integral healing involves taking responsibility for our own actions. Taking responsibility for our own thoughts and emotions, and the devastating consequences they might have on our health. *I will write more about this in Part 2 of this essay.

IFKOD00ZCaroline Myss writes in relation to how our thinking and habits impact our health, body, and spiritual evolution, ‘Make your choices wisely, because each choice you make is a creative act of spiritual power for which you are held responsible. Further, any choice made from faith has the full power of Heaven behind it. Faith the size of a mustard seed can move a mountain, said Jesus. Any choice made from fear is a violation of the energy of Faith.’ Acting on faith and exercising my will power is the key to manifesting the reality I want for myself. I hope each and every person reading this will contemplate on their incredible potential, and manifest health, creativity, abundance, and joy in their life, reversing the course of an impending emotional trial or illness. Ultimately healing and transformation lies in our own hands. We just have to acknowledge our fears and limitations, and move beyond them! Above all, we have to acknowledge our OWN divine power, and water it with abundant drops of Faith.

Only ONE: Healing Through Oneness (Vlog)


“Health is the best gift, contentment the best wealth, trust the best kinsman, nirvana the greatest joy.” The Buddha

My cancer journey has awakened me into a new Reality. I no longer feel disconnected from the rest of the world. I am the world! And the world is inside of me! We are all inter-connected. I am a vast body, and as Samkhya philosophy expounds, which is the basis of Vedantic philosophy, each human being is a Microcosm, and part of a vast universal Macrocosm. The Universe is not only outside of us, it is also inside us! The Buddha means ‘the awakened one.’ I’ve always wanted to attain Nirvana or enlightenment, that ultimate state of self-realized or awakened existence. Just like the great Gautama The Buddha himself. The basis of his teaching and message – oneness, compassion, and our microcosmic bodies encompassing the Universe, are rooted in Samkhya philosophy. It is also part of Paramahansa Yogananda’s, my Guru’s teachings. In fact the whole science of Yoga and Self-Realization is based on these teachings.


Now I can finally say, that I understand what that means. You see, I am gradually awakening. That is why from the beginning of my diagnosis I saw this as the opportunity of a lifetime – the greatest gift – only if I were up to the challenge of course. And I was! I immediately recognized the opportunity for growth and transformation! This video/vlog is my story;  and my journey in re-connecting to Life. It is the beginning of my awakening. When you face your greatest fears head on, the light comes on.

If you feel inspired to share my story and this video, I invite you to visit my GoFundMe page: ‘Urgent Help Needed 4 Claudia Ghetu’ (link below), where this video is also posted as my latest health Update. You will see other posts which may inspire you, and read how it is possible to overcome the worst possible obstacles, including fear and misdiagnosis – something I experienced and share in my posts. If it weren’t for the support of hundreds of remarkable people, I many not be alive today, and making extraordinary progress, as my Updates on GoFundMe will document. Regular chemotherapy would have sent me straight into a coma, as I was later told by my current amazing integrative oncologist; which is why I refused traditional treatment. They gave me only a 2% chance to live, and less than 6 months life span with chemo – in short a false death sentence, which no one should accept or have to endure. Yet, I am beating unbeatable pancreatic cancer! Thanks to all of you who have contributed, I can continue to do my work in the world, and assist others in accessing emotional and physical healing tools, while guiding them towards proper integrative medical care, which almost always guarantees the highest recovery rate, even from terminal illnesses! To learn more about my diagnosis this past June and my approach to embracing – not fighting- terminal cancer I invite you to read my story ‘How Cancer is Healing Me.’

40239048_10155522553065925_3754219359971573760_n“Once awakened she came to be known as Tara, the Liberator…” What fears or self-doubts are preventing you from stepping into your highest consciousness, and becoming your own Liberator- NOW? It is only through our sheer will power that we can defy duality. If old patterns of thought and actions are not serving your own evolution, use Goddess Tara as an example of how she vowed to become awakened defying all limitations. I am Tara. You are Tara. Male or female doesn’t exist. That’s duality. The Supreme Spirit is ONE; male and female. We are one with the Supreme Spirit, God, Brahman, or Universal Intelligence. We just have to WAKE UP and realize that. Liberation begins with wanting to wake up into a higher self-awareness, seeing reality as it is, not mind manufactured fiction – and shifting our perception.

We were born ONLY TO SUCCEED! To think otherwise, is to deny our own true identity and birthright. May God Bless Us ALL to attain self-realization.

You Don’t Have To Die! The Misleading Medical Prognosis About My Terminal Diagnosis and Crucial Tips on How You Can Avoid Being Misdiagnosed

IMG_1004 (1)

“If you are inspired to offer your kind support so I can continue to serve others, and read about my latest progress, please visit and share my  GoFundMe page. 

“If you have the will to live, the faith to survive, and the intelligence to think on your own, you have a good chance of survival… Healing is not for the weak of heart or those with a lack of faith.” –

I will never forget what happened just one day after receiving my diagnosis of Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer, this past June. I was sitting in my hospital bed with a dear friend visiting me, discussing my dilemma over receiving urgent chemotherapy, as had been indicated by the staff oncology doctor who delivered the news. He said, ‘you need to pick an oncologist through your primary right away, and have a catheter put in immediately to start receiving chemo…you don’t have any time to lose.’ I looked at him and said, ‘this is not something I can decide right away. I need time to think if this is the best option for me.’ He looked at me as if I told him that aliens had just landed on Earth and were soon to invade the hospital. I am alive now because I exercised my power of reason and free will under pressure, with faith as my anchor!

IMG_1003 copyI understand in retrospect that the kind of answer I gave is something doctors are not used to hearing. After all, they are not used to having their authority challenged. They are the modern day demi-gods in white coats, who wave their magic prognosis wands, administer complex drug potions, and are unquestionably trusted and credited with the ability to save lives. They give you the gift of life. Or death.  My prognosis was death. Should it have been? And why didn’t the doctor give me some positive information, including other possible treatment options, and put me at least in the 50/50 survival range? Why wasn’t I at least told about the Kelly Metabolic Protocol, and given a glimpse of hope? Incidentally, I only found out about the latter amazing program that cures incurable cancers and various other diseases at the clinic where I am getting treated here in Mexico. And it’s a treatment that can be done at home!

734c15b950346710079ebb47bcbfe2d7“Dr. William Donald Kelley contended this cancer protocol had a 93 percent cure rate on newly diagnosed cancer patients, even including pancreatic cancer and liver cancer. How could it be that successful? The Kelley enzymes strip the unique protein coating off of cancer cells so the immune system can identify and kill the cancer cells. Dr. Kelley and his practitioners treated more 33,000 patients, claiming a 93 percent success rate for those who came to him before — not after — chemotherapy, radiation, or surgery. For those with a predicted life expectancy of about three months, he said that a well-designed nutritional program would yield “slightly better than a 50-50 chance of survival.” So this means, in my opinion, the stats that are given in hospitals should be taken with a grain of salt. People were made to believe the Earth was flat, remember? 

rocks-2Getting back to why the doctor didn’t discuss other treatment options and walked away in dismay shaking his head, the answer to that is very simple. Because they are only supposed to give you a prognosis based on their own conventional treatments, which are not in line with the latest and more highly advanced medical developments and treatment options available out of the country or practiced privately. Think of a salesman trying to sell you a car. They’re not going to tell you where else you can go spend your money to get a car besides his own dealership. That’s would be inconceivable, right? Especially if the the Big Boss is reputed to hear everything behind the scenes, and can take his sales badge away at a moment’s notice, then prosecute him. So the doctors pick their bosses and they stick to their bosses’ rules. And there’s really just one Big Boss at the top.


To add to that, most doctors unwaveringly believe that all the scientific medical studies they have access and are exposed to during medical school is accurate and indisputable. Yet, these studies are based on inconclusive and misleading case studies and medical histories which selectively publish high failure rates for pancreatic and other cancers or various diseases. On the other side of the coin, they publish only the positive test results of drugs and their effectiveness, based on selective trial studies, dismissing the negative results of tests which usually far outweigh the latter. These don’t get published.

As I found out, mostly the negative findings are published in the medical journals! This is called selective publishing. Let’s say out of 100 case studies of patients with pancreatic cancer, if 40 die shortly after treatment, but 60 recover, the consensus is to deliver the outcome only on the deaths. The patients who recover or so called ‘spontaneous recoveries’ and are not acknowledged or discussed in the medical community. They are considered flukes and seen as ‘unscientific’ recoveries because they don’t match the text book criteria and challenge the status quo. Watch this highly informative and potentially  life saving TED talk, “What Doctors Don’t Know About the Drugs They Prescribe,” by Dr. Ben Goldacre. You will understand perfectly.

YogaSo back to my story, the intent of which is to share my personal experiences and findings, so you and your loved ones don’t have to experience something which can easily be avoided! Most important thing I’ve learned is: EVERYTHING CAN BE CURED! However, mental attitude is probably responsible for 80% of your success! Staying level headed and thinking outside the box will most likely save your life. And as I always say, “What you don’t know WILL kill you.” This will most likely be the title of one of my books, so look out for it because I plan to live a very long life! Your support in sharing my findings and story will ensure I continue to do the work I am destined to do, and will hopefully help many who may otherwise become victims of the system.

Picture100Crucial Advice When Receiving A Diagnosis Or Seeking Medical Advice

  1. When you get a scary diagnosis, don’t panic; go into research mode instead and keep calm. Remember you are just getting an opinion, not a life sentence.
  2. If you fail to get a diagnosis and are wasting months going to specialists and waiting for referrals, skip immediately to #3.
  3. Go to a well reputed alternative or integrative clinic or doctor for a re-evaluation, which will also allow you to tap into a network of alternative state-of-the-art healing options and resources you never know existed.
  4. Connect to patients from those clinics and get their feedback and ask for further referrals.
  5. Take a ‘medical tourism vacation’ out of the country and schedule MRI’s and a PET scan, which are usually impossible to obtain unless you are already diagnosed and usually far advanced in the disease. This is preventive care! Forget X-rays or blood tests which show nothing useful or conclusive most of the time.
  6. Get all your medical records printed or on a portable disk from all your tests, and doctors visits and have them ready and available at all times.
  7. Get a passport, or make sure it’s up to date. Be prepared to travel on short notice.
  8. Establish a support network of family, spiritual community and friends who are aligned with your core views, who are positive, and will 100% support your choices. If that is not feasible – Fly Solo! It is best to do this alone than to deal with people who disempower or scare you!
  9. Consult with a Holistic Nutritionist or Naturopath at the earliest, and radically modify your diet, focusing on plant protein, natural supplements, juicing and detoxing. I believe going vegan is the best option, as that is what is done in the most advanced clinics with high recovery rates. At least go vegetarian! Remember, be obsessed with your health not your taste buds!
  10. Plan in advance to have available cash and to pay out of pocket costs in excess of 30K to start, downsize, and get rid of or sell anything you don’t need that could go towards your treatment. You will be glad you prepared in advance!

“Let nothing perturb you, nothing frighten you. All things pass. God does not change. – Saint Teresa of Avila

How Cancer is Healing Me


“If you are inspired to offer your kind support so I can continue to serve others, please visit and share my  GoFundMe page. My blessings and love to you all!”


In June of this year, 2018, I found out that I had stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer. Literally out of the blue my life changed overnight! Imagine one day you think you’re healthy, life is normal, and the next day someone tells you you have months left to live. Well that’s exactly what happened to me. But instead of panicking, I embraced this as a positive challenge, a monumental opportunity for growth, and a preliminary step to a profound awakening.  As the doctors looked at me piteously while giving me the grim news, I smiled and said “Ok, great…I’m glad I know now. I know all will be fine.” Peace flowed over me. Acceptance. Joy. I cannot describe the relief I felt just from finding out what was wrong with me – or the fact that there was something actually wrong, despite x-rays and blood work that always confirmed I was healthy.


Meanwhile, for some years most likely, unbeknownst to me, I was working up to stage 4 pancreatic, and even the few more recent emergency room visits and doctors could not detect it, sending me home to take Tylenol for pain! I am one who believes in the daily practice of positive affirmations – so I had always affirmed “I am well, I am in perfect health.”  Yet, even though I believed and affirmed I was in perfect health, I had been suffering with bouts of mysterious pains in my left upper and  lower abdomen and upper chest (which took me to the emergency room on several occasions), and gastrointestinal digestive issues. I had a feeling something had to be fixed at a much deeper level, and that there was something ‘stuck,’ blocking my energy and body’s ability to absorb nutrients.


After lymph node biopsy which detected a stage 4 carcinoma tumor, sitting on top of two blood clots on my left side; and a thyroid biopsy the next day.


It was a dentist’s visit that ended up sending me to the emergency room in early June, where they identified two blood clots, one on my jugular vein and one on the subclavian lymph node in my left neck (right above the clavicle bone), with a carcinoma tumor the size of a small lime. A few days prior, I went to see my dentist to fit me for a new crown. The next day I noticed pain in my neck on the same side where the work was done. Bacteria seeped into my lymph node, which was already clogged no doubt, and it erupted like a volcano pushing the tumor out. Did you know that numerous root canals can lead to cancer and massive toxicity in the body over time?


A few days later the whole left side of my neck was swollen and red, and I could hardly move my neck.  Once at the emergency room I got immediately admitted into the hospital for extensive blood work and tests, I received my diagnosis of stage 4 pancreatic cancer which had spread to my liver and lymph nodes. My lymph glands had swollen every where in my body, especially in my stomach and neck, and I was also diagnosed with acute gastritis and esophagitis. I could hardly eat, as the swelling of lymph nodes continued into my left arm where additional blood clots were identified. I was put on blood thinners right away. The initial concern was that the blood clots in my neck and on the jagular vein were in such close proximity to the brain and the heart. Somehow despite all this, I knew everything would be fine. In a matter of hours people began praying for me, especially my immediate spiritual community at my church. The prayers were so intense that I felt as if my body was being lifted, and began experiencing an unprecedented state of peace and blissfulness. I felt so incredibly light, and so calm. I can attest to the divine power of prayer. God was ever-present.



Lymph node tumor shortly after biopsy, three days after emergency room hospitalization, before given full diagnosis.

They call pancreatic cancer ‘the silent killer’ because it’s not easily detectable, even though I had had blood work regularly over the years, including ultrasounds and x-rays. The hardest part of all this was breaking the news to my family. I could take it no problem. After all it was only a diagnosis as far as I saw it and not a life sentence. I don’t believe in the allopathic medical system, and I took everything they told me with a grain of salt. I always knew that if push came to shove, I would never be a victim of our medical system. I am actually one of these people that doesn’t fear death, because I know with full faith what lies beyond.  My life has always revolved around my strong spiritual practice and unwavering faith in God, karma, and the soul’s destiny and purpose. Death for me is a mere transition from the physical body, into the energy body and beyond, and part of our cosmic evolution.


My life philosophy and spiritual path is based on detachment and surrendering to a higher power, through a deep connection to the Higher Self. But I also believe in fighting for my life now, because God helps those who help themselves! And I am convinced that through my trials, facing and ultimately overcoming cancer, I can and will help others become more educated in making treatment choices, and empower them to realize that cancer is treatable and not a death sentence. As a holistic health and nutrition coach, yoga therapist, and wellness counselor I have always made it my personal business to educate myself and bring healing and support to those who seek it. I also have offered this support freely, deriving the greatest joy from giving and sharing the gift of life and health.  


Receiving Targeted Photogenic Light Laser therapy directly into my lymph node tumor, with outstanding results resulting in 70% shrinkage.


I believe that cancer saved my life! It is not an enemy. We shouldn’t hate and ‘fight’ cancer. Why? Because then we are fighting and hating ourselves. Cancer has to be accepted. It’s part of my body now. And I choose to heal it with love and care. I even give it thanks. What is the strongest universal energy and vibration? Love. Love heals. It takes a certain understanding to get this: you have to love yourself to heal yourself, and love the cancer because it is part of your body.


Instead of wanting to ‘kill’ cancer you transform it. You accept it and release it. You shift consciousness. Isn’t that the message for the ages: Don’t fight aggression with aggression? Cancer manifests in the body when the cells are completely overwhelmed by toxins, and the body can no longer process and expel all the junk that has accumulated over time for individually specific reasons. Why get mad at the body for trying to do its job?

Cancer cells are always present in our bodies, but they do not become active unless our immune system runs down and becomes overloaded with expelling toxins. When cancer turns into a tumor, that tumor actually isolates all the cancer cells in one spot so they don’t run rampantly throughout the body and spread. If the tumor is not detected early, the cancer cells will multiply throughout the body and spread. Once I understood that, I began thanking my cells, even the cancerous ones, for trying to protect me. For fighting for me all this time! They were overwhelmed. Forgiveness-in-an-Ugly-WorldI felt love and sympathy for what my body had endured.


I now send love to my liver and pancreas and my lymph nodes. I do this multiple times of day now, and talk to my cells and guide them towards healing. The first thing that I was told that made the most sense after my diagnosis was “cancer is not trying to kill you, it’s trying to heal you!” This statement came from a remarkable woman who cured herself of cancer and who guided me to the best possible clinic for integrative cancer treatment, where she also received care. I met her via an email through a friend who suggested I contact her, and in less than 24 hours after we talked she brought me down to this amazing place just outside the country, and put me in the hands of the most amazing medical team. I am so grateful. She saved my life. Truly God sent. And I plan to pass it forward!


IMG_1629Since I have been here, going on my fifth week of treatment, my cancer markers have gone down, and the tumor in my neck has shrunk by 70%! And I continue to make unprecedented progress, despite that I was given only months to live (from the traditional doctors of course). Having to unexpectedly finance the cost of this treatment out of pocket all alone, I have been blessed with the outstanding support of friends and acquaintances who started a GoFundMe link, to help me receive my first weeks of  crucial treatment at no cost, but the additional weeks and months needed are not covered beyond next week (July 30, 2018)! Yet, I have full faith that I will somehow be granted the opportunity to continue my treatment through further divinely guide shares and contributions. I have to maintain my progress as the doctors advised me here at the clinic this week, with follow up visits after departure. I wanted to share my story  in real time, and I will continue to do so, because my journey may inspire others to carve out their own journey, where radical healing is possible despite all circumstances.



I want to heal for myself and for the world. So I can make a difference. So I can show others that there are so many possibilities to overcome this, and to guide others as I have been guided. Once you understand that cancer is a gift in disguise and go beyond fear, have the right tools and resources to seek the proper treatment – including a more non-conventional alternative based and integrative approach (because it works!) – then the rest is history. I never wanted to look in the mirror and see an emaciated person with no hair staring back at me. So instead, I opted to keep my body intact without destroying it from the inside out, and to work for and with my immune system, and not kill it with inhumane maximum doses of poorly targeted chemotherapy and radiation.  The results speak for themselves, as my weekly GoFundMe Updates so far indicate, but far more work is needed both financially and treatment wise!


Thank you, to all the caring souls out there who are holding space for me, who have contributed to my LIFE, and without whom none of this would have been possible. Please continue to share my link and this story, as I will continue to fight for myself and for those who will need me in the future! 

In Eternal Gratitude and Health,

Claudia ‘Atmadevi’

“Unless we lose ourselves in the service of others, there is little purpose to our own lives.” – Mother Theresa

The Unethical and Harmful Effects of a Paleo Diet!

“In 2005, T. Colin Campbell, PhD and his son Thomas M. Campbell, MD, shared the China Project findings along with additional research with the world in The China Study. This groundbreaking book examined the connection between nutrition and heart disease, diabetes, and cancer and the source of nutritional confusion produced by powerful lobbies, government entities, and opportunistic scientists. The revised and expanded edition includes new content, statistics, research and information about the changing medical system and how patients stand to benefit from a surging interest in plant-based nutrition. The China Study is hailed as one of the most important books about diet and health ever written.”


Here is my short synopsis on the Paleo diet: HIGHLY HAZARDOUS TO YOUR HEALTH!

The overly hyped Paleo diet is the number one cause for the inflammation of joints and tissue in the body, inflammation being the number one cause for disease, including cancer, and is detrimental for your longterm health and physical and mental degeneration later in life. Atherosclerosis sound good as a retirement plan? Premature aging? Then keep eating meat! You are sure to get there! Eating high amounts of protein taxes the organs especially the liver and kidneys, and excessive uric acid is produced, which causes another retirement option: gout!!!

Meat eaters are also prone to excessive anger and emotionality – as the energy derived from meat is considered ‘tamasic’ in Ayurvedic science. Tamasic is anything that contains negative imprints of energy. Think how a food you eat was raised, processed, and treated. As we are all part of the food chain – especially on an energetic quantum level – you are what you eat! Taking the flesh and energy of an abused, animal loaded with antibiotics, hormones, and forced to live in small stalls while force fed unnatural foods, is seriously detrimental to your health! Their cortisol level is really high out of panic at the time of slaughter and their blood coagulates, and when that meat/blood enters your system the unusually high cortisol level stimulates your adrenal glands. When people suffer adrenal stress because of excess adrenal stimulation they can’t sleep, they are hyperactive, they can’t digest well, and of course they are nervous wrecks. Also, think of the most savage and aggressive civilizations and invaders in history. They were excessive meat eaters! Notice the difference in how you feel after you eat a healthy well rounded salad, and a piece of steak. While the meat rots in your system and puts your digestive tract into overdrive, you feel sluggish and full. When you eat live foods, or easily digestible plant protein you feel light and alive. My motto is: Be addicted to your health, not your taste buds!

Want a cure for your insomnia and anxiety? For chronic tiredness, lack of flexibility and agility too? Become vegetarian! Research has shown for decades that vegetarian countries and cultures – think Thailand – are extremely kind, happy, and compassionate. The are also active, mobile people. They weigh less and live longer!  The people who have lived the longest, unknown to most who don’t venture to learn anything beyond what’s on the news or on social media, are vegetarian and fruitarians. Yes, there are people who lived and live exclusively on fruits or other botanicals including nuts, and who are centenarians. If you consider yourself a nature lover but eat abused animals who are yelled at and electrocuted so that you can have a nice piece of steak at your favor meat joint, then you are somewhat of a hypocrite. Animals are part of nature! You should love and help them, and maybe you will learn something from these four legged creatures. They have so much to teach us humans! And one last note. Paleo eaters are the top contributors to global warming. You should look that up if it perks your interest, and if you consider yourself to be an environmentalist. So my dear human friends, be kind and wise.  Learn about yourself for yourself. And then teach others.

The China Syndrome is one of the most fascinating books ever written about meat eaters, and the effects of meat on the human body and psyche. Get it, and order a salad for dinner!

***Please visit my revised website, and feel free to recommend me to a friend or colleague who would like to consult with me. I specialized in personalized Lifestyle and Nutrition Plans, and design menus based on your individual blood type or dosha.