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Ready to get CLEAN with Me? 

Thank you for your interest in my CLEAN-4HOME-DELIVERY Private Health Chef Detox & Weigh Loss Plan, as featured in Dr. Jung’s groundbreaking healing and detoxing 1-3 week ‘CLEAN’ program! This acclaimed 3-Meal Plan, Natural Weight Loss & Detox Cleanse is ideal for anyone looking to recharge their body and energy levels, remove toxins, and immediately ‘reboot their system’ from the inside out – all while eating my deliciously prepared foods and detox teas, with added supplements and optional nutritional and health coaching support!


Before we start, I encourage you to purchase Dr. Alejandro Junger’s CLEAN book, and familiarize yourself with the program. It will also be a great reference before and during the actual cleanse, what can be expected during each stage, with inspirational testimonials. Also, you will find the featured recipes helpful in continuing your healthy lifestyle and maintaining your newly established CLEAN habits!

CLEAN Made Even Cleaner and Personalized

As a certified Holistic Health and Nutrition Coach and Ayurvedic Health Chef, specializing in vegan, raw, gluten-free foods, and healing herbs, this is my area of expertise! I have been cooking and designing delicious ‘medicinal foods’ for decades! Unlike the book which offers a more generalized program and menu, I first provide you with a Holistic Health Consultation, and then choose the ideal ingredients and food combinations that support your specific health needs! I will additionally design a Detox Tea for your unique constitution, to balance you and synergistically enhance the cleanse. From my extensive research supported by the medical community and from my own personal experience, I am convinced that omitting meat on this program is tremendously beneficial. It also provides you with a great opportunity to find out first hand how satisfying well balanced, high nutrient meals can be.

Length of CLEAN Program

The CLEAN program is highly recommended for up to 3 weeks, but a 1-Week/Clean-4Home, or 2-Week/Clean-4Home program is also highly beneficial, and will set you on the right track! I am happy to offer you either option! After 1 or 2 weeks, one can continue on their own having received all the guidelines and recipes. Additional ‘CLEAN Maintenance’ is offered after the 1-3 week program (details below).

Daily Eating/Program Structure

The 3-Meal-A-Day program consists of 2 liquid meals per day, a rich protein smoothie (fruits, veggies, and added nutrients) for breakfast and a highly nutritious full meal at lunch and a rainbow greens salad to satisfy your  taste buds, and give you extra energy, and a creamy nutrient rich vegan soup for dinner. No snacks, except certain fruit (if desired) and lemon water and decaf tea. Supplements will be added directly into the smoothies (i.e. spirulina, maca, flax, chlorophyll), with a small addition other natural supplements to be taken in the evening (*see below), which will work through the night to promote regularity and aid elimination. My Detox Tea made exclusively for you, will assist in further hydrating and balancing your system, mentally and physically. I have designed the last day of the program as the 7th-Day Liquid Fast Finale, which will give you the best and maximum results in completing the program. According to Dr. Jung, this is the best way to amplify the fasting/detox results, establishing a healthy ongoing routine where you observe an all-day-liquid-fast on a regular basis!


What You Can Expect During The 3-Meal-A-Day CLEAN Program

  • Lose excess weight and eliminate puffiness and inflammation 
  • Regain vitality and determine and remove toxins, including allergens
  • Reset your digestion and your body’s natural ability to cleanse
  • Improved sleep, calmness and emotional wellbeing

Foods and Ingredients Omitted During the Program

          • Wheat
          • Soy
          • Dairy
          • Meat
          • Caffeine

FullSizeRender-4*All meals are 80% organic and local, non-GMO, vegan, and gluten free. I combine my own raw and vegan recipes with Dr. Junger’s for a broader range of nutrition, taste and exotic flavors.

*Supplements included in the program are:

7 Day Customized Detox Tea, Amino Acids , Pea Protein, Chia, Maca, Flax, Psyllium, Bentonite Clay, Triphala Capsules, Tulisi Tea Capsules, Aloe Vera & Fennel Laxative, Natural Calm Magnesium Powder, Probiotic.

*Optional extended health coaching support for maximum results is available for an extra fee, including short/long-term customized meal-delivery-plans, after the initial CLEAN program. 




For further details please refer to:

COST for CLEAN-4HOME-DELIVERY Private Health Chef Program

All supplements, individualized herbal tea blends, and nutritional health evaluation are included in the cost. 

1-3 Weeks

$650 (individual/per week)

$850 (2 people/family rate/per week)

”Clean with A Friend Option”: Get a friend to clean with you for the same week and receive a 10% discount each!