Claudia Ghetu WELLness

The Wisdom of Ancient Science for Advanced Healing and Transformation

Ayurvedic Nutritional Chef Services & Products

As a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Vedic Yoga Instructor and Holistic Vegetarian Chef, with extensive knowledge of holistic health, healing herbs and vegetarian, vegan,  and Ayurvedic nutrition, I specialize in:
  • Nutritionally supportive whole foods menu plans that support your Doshic (Vatta, Pitta Kapha) constitution; based on initial Dosha & Health History Evaluation
  • Medicinal individually hand-crafted Herbal Tea Blends and Tea Blend Vegan Soups for mental, emotional, and physical balance; ideal for those convalescing
  • Organic, vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free meal plans for optimal healing weight loss, or for those transitioning  towards a vegetarian, vegan, or Ayurvedic diet
  • Diet & Health Specific Meal Plans and Nutritional Counseling addressing dietary and medical restrictions, allergies, and emotional eating.

I create personalized menus and nutrition/dietary plans that support the body in cleansing and healing itself. Based on Ayurvedic nutritional healing (based on Dosha type), I combine healing herbs and teas, and create medicinal tea based soups, to expedite recovery for those convalescing, and to target specific dietary needs improving digestion, immunity, absorption of key nutrients, weight management, promoting integral balance.

  • Heal, cleanse, and detoxify
  • Balance your mood & cravings
  • Improve sleep & anxiety 
  • Manage weight and energy 
  • Improve regularity and digestion
  • Balance blood sugar levels
  • Reduce pain and inflammation

Services provided:

  • 1 Day Immersion Jump-Start, Outdoor Yoga/Meditation/Mind-Body Detox/ Nutrition
  • 1 Day (per week) Food Delivery of Weekly Ayurvedic Meal Plan (see Healthful Recipes)
  • 1 Day (per week) Superfood Snacks, Meal Starters & Personalized Herbal Blends
  • 1 Day Nutritional Food Shopping: Healthy Fridge,  Pantry, and Supplement Stocking

Cost of Personalized Organic Hand-Crafted Tea Blends & Glycerites: 

*TBD per quantity. Doshic & Health History Evaluation usually required prior to purchase.

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