Claudia Ghetu WELLness

The Wisdom of Ancient Science for Advanced Healing and Transformation




As an Integrative Holistic Health & Nutrition Consultant, I facilitate the immediate steps in the healing process covering a wide range of health issues, with a specialization in detoxifcation programs, dietary, stress related, gastrointestinal issues, and cancer care. I consult and guide others via personal and doctor referrals to receive specialized alternative health treatments, and offer access to my network of homeopathic and integrative care specialists. I am a cancer survivor who followed the integrative and natural healing approach, with an emphasis on immunotherapy treatments, also using my own nutritional and holistic health protocols, with over 25 years of experience. I am a living example of how one can heal even from a terminal illness, by having access to proper nutritional guidelines, essential emotional and coaching support, and well coordinated integrative treatment options, providing a high rate of success.

  •  I support people interested in less invasive, integrative and alternative treatments to address various health, physical and emotional issues, including treatment for pain, stress, and cancer care.

  • I assist in the holistic treatment of chronic, undiagnosed, and reoccurring illnesses, limited mobility and pain related to physical injuries, and various other disabilities.

  •  I create and implement personalized Health & Nutrition Plans including key supplements, being the core foundation for expediting healing, especially for those planning to undergo extended medical treatment.

  • I assist in ensuring and receiving proper medical diagnosis, and provide one-on-one nutritional and wellness coaching, based on weekly or monthly consultation plans. 

  • I recommend individually geared integrative medical care and treatments, from my network of clinics, and individual alternative health providers.

  • I offer preventive care, plant-based nutritional menus and detoxification protocols, specializing in vegan foods and allergies, and wellness counseling.

  • I specialize in cancer care, with a focus on gastrointestinal issues, colon, pancreatic and liver cancer, from which I have suffered personally.

If you are currently in need of treatment beyond the scope of conventional medical care, please connect with me to schedule a complimentary phone consultation and let’s get you healthy!



My integrative holistic health and counseling methods are also very effective in correcting and alleviating psycho-somatic disorders which most often manifest as anxiety, depression, insomnia, cravings, digestive issues and weight imbalances, inevitably the cause of deeply ingrained mental, emotional and physical toxicity. Psychosomatic ailments are begin in the mind, through ‘wrong thinking’ which is mostly a result of our upbringing and environment. ‘Psyche’ means ‘mind;’ ‘soma’ means ‘body’ – hence psychosomatic disorders simply reflect the adverse and profound effects that the mind can have on the body. Vedic philosophy and science teaches how to connect to our psyche, and tap into the vast reservoir of the subconscious and superconscious states, to heal through addressing the root of our emotions, simultaneously healing the body! 



My underlying overall mission is to teach others how to empower themselves by becoming better informed in the diverse nutritional, alternative health, and treatment options that exist, and which are easily accessible in and out of the country. The FDA will not approve these treatments because our health care system and pharmaceutical industry will collapse, and our economy will crash. However, far more advanced therapies with incredibly high success rates in treating and curing cancer and other chronic diseases have existed in Europe and other countries for 30-50 years! In the end, it’a ll about taking a leap of faith. It seems that it’s easier to trust others than to trust our own instincts somehow! When millions of people in hospitals get diagnosed, they submissively trust their doctors and submit to the detrimental drugs and inhumane treatments, which inevitably destroy their quality of life and often prove to be fatal. But what if they were to go beyond fear and the mass cultural belief that they have to listen to the doctors or die?  What if they were to take the time to explore other viable options for treatment? It’s the herd mentality that proves to be in fact more detrimental to one’s health than the highly addictive and dangerous drugs that millions of people are prescribed and take without second thought. 


My ultimate aim is to support and teach others how they can heal themselves, by developing a deeper awareness of where their dis-ease came from, and how to become fully engaged in sourcing the needed information and tools which will grant them access to the proper treatments and diagnosis. As the great masters of the East have proclaimed for millennia, illness comes from (1) physical, (2) emotional, and (3) spiritual ignorance. Ignoring the laws of living a balanced life, and not balancing those three aforementioned key factors, will prevent one from getting to the root cause of his own dis-ease, and evolving to a higher state of consciousness. No one can heal another person; without the person on the receiving end granting permission. We cannot outsource our health to others! One has to be an active participant in his own healing process, and also become fully aware of his emotional and mental states, and the positive or detrimental effects the latter have on the body.

rocks-2This is how I achieved success in treating my cancer. I went to the root of the physical problem. I realized I needed to heal the deeper issues lying beyond the surface affecting my liver, pancreas, lungs, bones and lymphatic system. While I did receive advanced integrative health therapies from top specialists, I used my self-healing tools to get to the root of my illness. Traditional treatments only address the physical issues. We are not just a body. We will not heal the body, unless we address the entire HUMAN BEING: mind, body, spirit. Until we understand that we need to heal the entire BEING, not just the symptoms of the flesh-body, long term and integral healing cannot take place. It is within this context that I guide and coach people on how they can HEAL THEMSELVES, and become active participants in their own healing process! Providing them with the necessary tools, counseling and support for their emotional and spiritual wellbeing is almost secondary. 


For those interested to go deeper, I offer an integral application of Integrative Holistic Heath & Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy sessions, which comprises a complete mind-body-spirit healing system. Nutrition, emotional issues, and stress management are the initial targets that I address. Individual treatments, raging from nutritional plans, detoxification, yoga therapy, and wellness counseling are determined by an initial Holistic Health & Ayurvedic Evaluation. The latter helps me assess one’s physical, emotional, and behavioral traits, extending to environmental, lifestyle, genetic, diet and lifestyle factors.


As an integrative holistic heath practitioner I identify and eliminate the root cause of psychological and physical ailments, and contributing environmental and emotional stressors, with the addition of optiomal nutritional treatments to remove blockages and expedite healing. According to the Ayurveda and Yoga Philosophy (unknown to many, Ayurveda provided the blueprint for traditional Chinese medicine), the key to breaking through physical and mental blockages which cause disease can only be achieved by harnessing self-awareness (svadhyaya), purifying our physical, mental, and living environment (pratyahara), and properly directing and amplifying the flow of Prana or Chi (pranayama). I particularly stress self-awareness or mindfulnes, and pratyahara in my practice, providing concrete guidelines for balanced living, mental and emotional stability, using positive affirmations and various integrated mind-body yogic techniques. Combined, as originally intended, Yoga and Ayurveda form a complete, and in my opinion THE MOST ADVANCED HOLISTIC MIND-BODY HEALING SYSTEM, unsurpassed in its unique methodology, and perfected into a highly advanced mind-body-spirit science, that is over 5,000 years old.

*More about the Vedas and Vedic Indian Philosophy. 



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