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In Life and Death: In Memory of Annelise, The Angel Who Saved My Life (1970-2018)

IMG_1210I found out a few days ago that the woman I called my Healing Angel, passed away here in Mexico, just a few minutes away from where I live now and continue to receive treatment. Annelise saved me from the hands of death in June, when I didn’t know where to go to save my life, except far from any American hospital where my death would have been certain within a month or two. Just two days out of the hospital where I got my diagnosis in Los Angeles, I prayed that God provide me with an immediate alternative solution, refusing to undergo standardized chemotherapy, which I have been told by doctors here would have killed me within a short time. The next day I checked my email, and was forwarded through the friend of a friend Annelise’s contact information, who happened to live only 5 minutes away from me. I knew that had to be a sign. I felt such a surge of energy, something I cannot explain, knowing that somehow my prayer had been granted. Minutes later, I heard the most loving voice on the other end of my phone, and I immediately felt like I was talking to a friend from a long long time ago. 

She was so loving, so real, so happy to talk to me, a mere stranger who randomly called her to ask for help. I tried not to choke up and keep my voice calm, although my heart was throbbing with an indescribable panic, feeling like with every moment I was running out of time – a countdown to an early death sentence.  I shared that I had just been handed a terminal pancreatic cancer diagnosis, and before I could say another word she stopped me. I will never forget what she said. “Don’t be afraid my dear, cancer is not here to kill you, it’s here to heal you! You are not going to die from this, you are going to heal!” She shared with me how she cured herself of stage 4 breast cancer using alternative treatments, never setting foot in a conventional hospital. Then went on to share that unfortunately the cancer had metastasized to her liver, and found herself in a life and death situation suddenly over night. I listened and waited for her to tell me how she was still here and thriving, with a pen in my hand ready to scribble any information she might give me. And then finally she told me how she got herself to this clinic in Mexico just in the nick of time, with her liver so swollen that she looked nine months pregnant. She spent the most excruciating week fighting for her life last November, receiving integrative alternative treatment that saved her life, and made her go into remission shortly thereafter. And then out of the blue she asked me, ”I am going down to the clinic where they saved my life in Mexico tomorrow for a check up, do you want to take the train down with me?” Without even thinking, I said “Yes!!! I am packing now. I am coming to Mexico with you tomorrow!” And that is how our friendship began! I will never forget her beaming face with the most radiant, colossal smile. She carried my bags for me on the train, all five of them, even though her back hurt. I was too weak with a large tumor sticking out of my neck. She was my heroine! She made sure to arrange everything for me; called and set up that I would receive treatment right away, and within two days I was receiving crucial IV’s and had a program set in place for the next eight weeks. 

Last time I saw her was six weeks ago. Her beautiful radiant smile was gone for some unknown reason. Her face had changed. It was more serious. Unbeknownst to me or her perhaps at the time, the cancer had unexpectedly found her way into her bones. It had been festering there for a long time undetected. She never complained or said much about how she felt. She was a trooper. I invited her to come to visit me so I could make us dinner. She gently smiled and said maybe. That was the last time I spoke to her and saw her. I heard she fell and fractured her spine and went into excruciating pain less than two weeks ago.  I knew nothing of this at the time. I myself was dealing with major bone pain and getting treated at another clinic. I could never have imagined a week later she would no longer be alive. She was the star at the clinic where she initially brought me. The golden child who got healed and went on to help others. All the nurses were shocked and crying, and the owner of the clinic who had become her friend was inconsolable 

Annelise saved my life, but brought me close the brink of death with her own passing. She was my role model. I planned to be like her: miraculously healed. And now dealing with her sudden passing, I am so much closer to staring death in the face, and reflecting on my own mortality. You see, I could have been her! Eight weeks ago when the cancer went into my spine I was suddenly immobilized and crippled with pain. Had I not received the urgent and precise treatment for my bones when I did, who knows what would have happened. I came close to the abyss myself, yet somehow through my faith and through the help and kindness of people supporting me on this journey I have been able to elude the unthinkable. Everyday counts like you wouldn’t believe. I realize how unimportant the big goals I once had now seem. All I want to do is just be able to go for a walk, or sit on a bench and watch children play in the park. All I want to do is just sit and breathe. Each breath is cherished, each moment poignant beyond belief. The simplicity of life is magnanimous. I have heard of the fires back home in Los Angeles. I have seen people cry for their homes. But you see, nothing that’s built of stone or wood matters. These people are alive. I hope they realize how blessed they are.

I hope you all realize the fullness of your life now. The fullness of the simple moments that matter the most. Before you ever get to experience the fragility of your own being you must awaken to this reality: nothing else matters except the act of being alive. The overlooked gift of simply being alive and healthy is the greatest high. It’s ecstatic just waking up to see another day. Trust me. Nothing else is as precious as this. 

If you would like to make a tremendous difference and contribute toward my continued and extensive treatment, including newly scheduled biological dental work to remove dangerous heavy metals from my root canals and old mercury fillings which are suppressing my immune system, please kindly donate to my GoFundMe here. And share this story with others who have inspired you with their friendship – and maybe even saved your life! You will be giving me the GIFT OF LIFE. And in turn, I, like Annelise, will continue to guide others to receive the treatments that I know are saving me, so I can hopefully save other families from experiencing the loss of a loved one. 

I am paying it forward, my dear Annelise. May you continue to guide others from above. You will always be remembered as the Angel who saved my life. 


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