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‘Finding YOU. Escaping Mental & Cultural Hijacking and Finding What You Are NOT.’

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“With sustained effort and sincerity, discipline, and self-control, the wise become like islands, which no flood can overwhelm.” – From the Dhammapada; Sayings of The Buddha 

“One has nothing until one has come face to face with oneself.” —Tibetan Saying

These Top-10 Resolutions are the initial chapters of my future book, based on and inspired by the revered Buddhist and Vedantic ancient texts and the honored guru-disciple teachings on mind training and spiritual development through self-awareness. 

TOP 10 Life-Changing Mind-Spirit Resolutions

1 Commit to determining your ultimate life goal NOW, and to living a fully self-authentic, non-egotistic, more purposeful and spiritually (rather than materially) driven life. 

2 Ask yourself ‘Who am I really, and who do I aspire to become?’ Then pick an inspirational role model who changed the world for the better and emulate their scope and actions. Post their quotes or photos as a daily reminders, and read about them often. 

3 Set a self improvement non-altruistic goal each month and set out to accomplish it. The goal in life is to keep changing, and that means changing for the better. 

4 Start leading by example today! As the timeless saying goes, if you want to change the world, change yourself. Be helpful to others, and perform an act of kindness every day (great antidote for anxiety and depression).

5 Make time every day to expand your wisdom and knowledge by studying the great masterminds of history; especially the ancient philosophers and spiritual humanists like Buddha, Mother Theresa, Meister Eckhart, Decartes, Gandhi, etc. (Observe #7 and you will have time). 

6 Make time weekly for solitude, self-reflection and mindfulness. Learn just to be, and not just be thinking! Begin cultivating silence, and increasing your ‘silent alone time’ each week. This includes disconnecting from all devices (texting doesn’t qualify for being silent even though you are not speaking). 

7 Do not waste your time in idle activities. Cut 50 to 75% of your activities (especially social outings). Instead engage in mind expanding, spiritually uplifting endeavors (studying a classic text on Buddha’s teachings, or reading the Upanishads) and partake in some kind of creative activity, like photography or journaling. (Not fishing, or anything that harms/exploits living beings). 

8 Choose your environment mind-fully! Eliminate mental hijacking by minimizing media or news exposure, especially social media. Stay away from negative people, aggressive auditory or visual imprints!

9 Opinions are like poisoned arrows. Don’t give them and don’t go seeking them out. Learn to develop and use your own mind and intuition.  Stop looking around for help, and look within!

10 Meditate daily, and go for nature walks in serene uncrowded environments. Find a local Buddhist meditation center or yoga studio offering Yogic meditation, and practice in a group once a week. Enjoy a ‘walking meditation.’ Don’t listen to music. Just listen to your incoming and outgoing breath. BE. IN. SILENCE.

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