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TOXIC OVERLOAD: Top-10-Ways To Improve Your Health, Love The Earth, And Lower The Toxicity Inside Your Home And Body


As a Holistic Health & Wellness Counselor, Nutrition, and Empowerment Coach, I support individuals and families in transitioning toward a healthier lifestyle, which includes a more sustainable, toxic-free home environment in addition to a non-toxic wholefood diet. After all, if one is to detox his body internally one should make sure his external day-to-day environment is congruent with the latter. Believe it or not, indoor living spaces are often more polluted than city air. Without proper ventilation they remain in our home in concentrated amounts and silently wreak havoc on our health. It goes without saying that the products we use inside our living space and on our bodies, cumulatively, can have detrimental side effects. In time, this toxic overload significantly alters the health and function of your immune, nervous, and respiratory system. Why do you think lung cancer is so prevalent, even in non-smokers? Or why so many people suffer from heavy metals toxicity, chronic allergies, asthma, and headaches? Do you see where I am going? Also, I want to share the Earthing ‘movement’ – something that the yogis and nature lovers have practiced for millennia. In order to stay healthy, get healthier and expedite healing, you must connect to the natural healing energy of the Earth! There is a earthing website dedicated to natural products that will give you a lot of information and resources on healthy personal and home products which will greatly improve your lifestyle. Also look into buying an anti-radiation adjustable magnets for your phones and computers, like VortexBioShield that neutralize EMF emissions. This is a good foundation to start.



1. PLASTICS & CANS – Eliminate and stop buying BPA-lined canned foods and plastic food containers which leak dangerous cancer causing chemicals into your food, especially when heated. The Breast Cancer Foundation clearly warns on their website about the evidence linking plastic usage to breast cancer. Discontinue any single-use products, such as individual water bottles and cups, adding styrofoam to the list. Think of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, which is more than 7 million square miles! And, don’t forget shower curtains. Ever get a headache from the smell of a new shower curtain or liner? Bingo!

2. COOKWARE – Cook food only in ceramic, stainless steel, or glass containers, and avoid most non-stick pans coated with Tefelon, which when heated release toxic fumes into your home. Also, “self-cleaning” modes on some oven models, emit poisonous gases that give most people headaches. It’s just best to clean the old fashioned way, so get your non-plastic gloves out and get moving!

3. MICROWAVES & EMF’s – Get rid of the microwave, and heat up your food without radiation! Microwaves kill most of the live nutrients in foods, by irradiating them and changing their molecular structure. I am always shocked that most people are aware of and want to avoid the effects of direct radiation, yet fail to acknowledge that the radio-magnetic fields emanating from microwaves, and the food mutation happening inside them is equally dangerous. Also, everything surrounding us now emits powerful EMF’s which affect us at a cellular level. Many people suffer unknowingly from EMF sensitivity. Also, if you are not 100% healthy at the moment and are trying to heal, try to de-activate and control the powerful radiation effects in your environment which significantly affect your immune system! Amazon is a good place to start to look for products that neutralize EMF’s.

4. PERSONAL CARE – Purchase and use personal care products that are free of such horrible ingredients as phthalates, parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate, and petroleum, and have natural oil or botanically derived non-artificial scents. Don’t forget cosmetics either. Did you know that lipsticks contain lead? What can I say, the list is long and scary. For a comprehensive listing of what chemicals to avoid in personal care products go to the Environmental Working Group website, and search ‘top tips for safer products.’ Trust me, you will still smell and look good! But live longer.

5. HOUSEHOLD CLEANING – Purchase household utility cleaners that are free of synthetic toxic solvents, like the usual suspect present in most products, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS). If the label reads ‘may be hazardous to humans and domestic animals,’ take the hint and toss it out. Go to and find out what you need to avoid.

6. AIR FLOW – If you live in a warm climate, check the filter of your air conditioner often and don’t let it clog up. If you are blessed to live close to nature or in a minimally polluted area, open your windows for at least 2 hours daily and let the fresh air come it. Remember, it’s what finally eliminated the spread of The Black Plague. Oh, and let’s not forget the wonderful felines that helped too! If opening windows is definitely not feasible, invest in an Ionic Air Purifier. They start at about $75. Watch the ventilation in your laundry room, and make sure you use toxic free detergent.

7. FOOD SHOPPING – Seen or read Food INC. by any chance? We all have a choice as consumers, to either support companies that promote environmental pollution, animal cruelty, and the use of horrible lab-made synthetic foods, or choose to spend our money on companies that ought to be rewarded for supporting sustainable and organic products, small local farming communities worldwide, and fair trade. Let’s not forget about livestock and humane animal farm practices, and high quality non-GMO foods made from nature not made in labs. Among great companies to support are Trader Joes and Eden Foods. And watch out for microwaveable and BPA-lined canned foods, and ready-to-eat foods that are packaged in questionable containers.

8. PET CARE – Avoid using Pet Guard tick and flea collars or any other similar commercial brands, which are doused in heavy poisons. There are many plant derived powders, essential oils, or sprays which repel parasites. Just do the research, or go to a natural food  or pet market and ask! And don’t forget pet shampoos, if you use them. Keep them natural, so that when you snuggle with your furry friend neither you or him breathe in allergens or chemicals! Stay away from anything laden with synthetic odor-blocking perfumes, including cat litter made with clay or synthetic ‘crystals’. Go for natural pine and recycled paper versions. And finally, choose good quality, organic pet food brands without corn or soy GMO fillers and bad animal bi-products.

9. WATER FILTRATION – Most people don’t realize that when they shower, the steam that is released in the bathroom from the combined fluoride, chlorine and the pre-existing toxins and metals in the water release powerful hazardous fumes, and get breathed in and absorbed into the skin. This has been linked to the onset of Alzheimer’s and high levels of metal toxicity in the body, the first signs of which are slowed mental capacity or ‘brain fog’ and fatigue. Invest in a central water filtration system for your entire house if possible, otherwise buy sink and shower head filters which are very affordable and worth their weight in gold. I like the Aquasana AQ-4105 Showerhead Filter System, which sells on Amazon for $69.99.

10. PAINT AND FURNITURE – Did you know that there is such a thing as ‘furniture polish poisoning?’ The petroleum distillates and solvents which make up the ‘finish’ or polish of most commercial furniture are highly neurotoxic. Tempurpedic synthetic foam from body conforming mattresses and pillows emits toxic fumes while it heats up, and is especially highly toxically odorous upon purchase. Think shower curtain smell. Everyone knows about asbestos these days, and although it’s been absent or officially banned from paint in the US, there are other toxic ingredients you should worry about. If you are building a house, or consider re-painting, do some research and look at natural-based primers and paints. Now you should be able to breathe in peace!

Please forward this article to all of your friends and loved ones. I think it can make a  huge difference in the quality of their lives. Happy Health & Happy Earth Day!

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    • Thank you so very much!!! I will definitely keep it up! And thank you for taking the time to write this. It means a lot!! Blessings to you!

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